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Exam 2 Study Hints - Study hints for Exam 2 The exam is...

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Study hints for Exam 2. The exam is worth 100 points. The exam contains 45 questions, all multiple choice or matching. Three questions involve the evolution lecture on the diatom Stephanodiscus and the fly Rhagoletis. Twelve questions involve general knowledge of systematics and taxonomy, including some of the pioneering work by Linnaeus (this includes a few questions on binominals). There are a few cladistics questions. Eight questions involve different aspects of the prokaryotic domains, and some of the general characteristics of prokaryotic creatures. Four questions require knowledge of protistan groups, especially of the endosymbiotic theory of the origin of eukaryotes and some of the eukaryotic organelles, the “X-scheme,” and the malaria life cycle. Nine involve the general aspects of the animal kingdom as we discussed in the lecture, especially the information I presented on analysis of the “Cambrian Explosion.” Nine questions will cover different aspects of the plant kingdom. I have no specific fungus questions, although it won’t
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