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PRACTICE PROBLEMS IN POPULATION GENETICS © COPYRIGHT 2005 C.O. PATTERSON & TAMU BIOLOGY DEPT. 1. Blood samples were collected from a group of Native American Indians; these samples were analyzed for presence of M—N membrane proteins. A total of 143 individuals were examined. Of these, 81 were type M; 53 were type MN; and 9 were type N. What is the frequency of the M allele in this population? What is the frequency of the N allele? Assuming that this is a Hardy-Weinberg population, what percentage of the next generation will be type M? Type MN? Type N? 2. Blood samples were collected from a group of Australian Aborigines; and their blood types were determined as had been done for the Native Americans in Problem #1. Of 92 individuals tested, 5 were type M, 33 were type MN, and 54 were type N. What is the frequency of each allele in this Aboriginal population? Can we regard this population of aborigines as isolated from the Native American population, or are they part of the same Hardy-Weinberg population?
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