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Intro. to Biol112 - BIOL 112 Introductory Biology...

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Lecture 1 1 BIOL 112 BIOL 112 Introductory Biology Lecture 1 BIOL 112 • Dr. Karl Aufderheide – BSBW 101, MWF afternoons, 2:00–4:00 pm (call to make appointment or to confirm) – 845-7775 [email protected] Instructor BIOL 112 Campbell, N. A. & Reece, J. B. (2008) Biology, Eighth Edition. (San Francisco: Benjamin Cummings) Textbook BIOL 112 • Hourly Examinations: – February 11 – March 11 – April 13 • Final Examination: May 7 (Friday), 3:00–5:00 pm Examinations BIOL 112 – Log in on TAMU link – Login ID/Password for login is the same as your Neo ID/password – Access only to those on class roster from Registrar – Follow links to BIOL 112 site – Check daily Vista Course Website BIOL 112 Labs and Grades • Labs meet this week • Lab grade factored in with lecture grade • See syllabus for details • Refer to my Grading FAQ on website for advice and information about exams and my grading philosophy • And look at Leamnson post on website for advice on learning in college
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Lecture 1 2 BIOL 112 Philosophy of Biology/Science (Chapter 1) Epistemology: the study of knowledge and its limits How do we know what we know, and how do we learn more? Self Universe Information through the Senses BIOL 112 Inherent Limitations to Our Understanding of Universe • 1. Limitations of the senses • 2. Limitations of brain to process information • 3. Biases of psychology – Language – Culture Cannot directly perceive or understand all of universe and human experience BIOL 112 Aids to Understanding Human cultures have several “mental tools” to assist
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Intro. to Biol112 - BIOL 112 Introductory Biology...

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