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1 BIOL 112 SAMPLE EXAM I S TUDENT N UMBER _____________________ N AME ____________________________________ “An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.” 100 points © Answer questions 1–40 on these question sheets. Choose the best answer for each question. Use care when marking your answers, we must accept these pages, as turned in, as your “official” answers. Multiple Choice 1. What is a hypothesis? a. the same thing as an unproven theory b. a tentative explanation that can be tested and is falsifiable c. a verifiable observation documented with the aid of scientific instruments d. a fact, based on qualitative data, that is testable e. a fact, based on quantitative data this is falsifiable 2. All of the following important aspects of population genetics and evolution are primarily random processes except a. mutation. b. natural selection. c. the founder effect. d. the bottleneck effect. e. meiotic chromosome assortment. 3. Darwin’s finches on the Galápagos Islands are an example of a. descent of different species from a common ancestor. b. loss of genetic diversity due to geographical isolation. c. mutations resulting from radioactive fallout from Easter Island. d. the confusion resulting from bad systematics. e. wholesale extinctions from volcanic eruptions. 4. The “Central Dogma of Molecular Biology” (DNA ÷ RNA ÷ protein) specifies that the sequence of DNA codes for the sequence of mRNA which then codes for the amino acid sequence of proteins. There is no evidence that the flow of information in this process can be reversed, so altered proteins cannot cause a change in the DNA sequences that code for those proteins. If this reversal of information flow were possible, it could validate the mechanism of evolution hypothesized by a. Darwin. b. Malthus. c. St. Augustine. d. Lamarck. e. Lyell.
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2 5. A particular population of maple trees lives in a place where the climate has is becoming more moist. The average surface area of the leaves has been decreasing in successive generations of trees. This is an example of a. stabilizing selection. b. disruptive selection. c. directional selection. d. gene flow. e. mutational pressure. 6. A large population of a certain species of freshwater fish lives in South America. No close relatives of this species are known. Suppose you could somehow cause all mutations to cease in this population, and prevent all emigration and immigration out of or into this population. Which of the following statements best expresses the probable future of this population? a. All evolution would promptly cease, because without new mutations, there would be no genetic variability for natural selection. b.
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