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Materials for Study, 2010 Exam 8 © 2009, Casualty Actuarial Society, All Rights Reserved E8-1 Fellowship Exams Exam 8 Investments and Financial Analysis Before commencing study for this four-hour examination, candidates should read the “Introduction” to “Materials for Study” for important information about learning objectives, knowledge statements, readings, and the range of weights. Items marked with a bold SK constitute the 2010 CAS Exam 8 Study Kit that may be purchased from the CAS Online Store. Items marked with a bold W —the 2010 CAS Exam 8 Web Notes—are available at no charge in the “Study Tools” section of the CAS Web Site or may be purchased from the CAS Online Store. Please check the “ Syllabus Updates” section of the CAS Web Site for any changes to the Syllabus . The CAS will test the candidate’s knowledge of topics that are presented in the learning objectives. Thus, the candidate should expect that each exam will cover many of the learning objectives and associated knowledge statements and syllabus readings, and that all of these will be tested at least once over the course of a few years—but each one may not be covered on a particular exam. Exam 8 focuses on a broad array of finance, investment, and financial risk management topics. The exam can be viewed as having two parts, with Sections A-E covering mostly financial theory and tools and Sections F-H covering various financial applications. The material in Exam 8 presupposes and builds upon introductory knowledge of finance. It also presupposes knowledge of probability and statistical modeling, liability and reserve risk and insurance underwriting. READINGS There are two main texts: Investments (2009) by Bodie, Kane, and Marcus and Options, Futures and Other Derivatives (2009) by Hull. In addition, one chapter from The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities (2005) edited by Fabozzi is included. For those candidates wishing to gain a broader exposure to fixed income securities, Fabozzi has a wealth of additional material, although this additional material is not part of the learning objectives. The Investments (Bodie, Kane, and Marcus) text contains references to various Web sites. Candidates are not responsible for the identity of the Web sites, or the actual content of the Web sites, except to the extent the content is reproduced in the text. Candidates are also not responsible for any aspect of the Excel applications or the boxes entitled “E-Investments” that are usually placed at or towards the end of a chapter. While, in general, it is suggested that the candidate cover the learning objectives in the order listed, some references to later chapters in texts may occur before references to earlier chapters. In these cases, the candidate may need to review these earlier chapters first and then return to the learning objectives that reference the later chapters. For Exam 8, the appendices are part of the material covered by the exam unless specifically excluded.
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exam8 - Fellowship Exams Exam 8 Investments and Financial...

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