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Arden's History study guide

Arden's History study guide - History study guide#1 The...

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History study guide: #1 The Black Death of 1348-1350 killed between 25 and 50 percent of Europe’s population. What were the most significant effects of this plague? - Immigration: people trying to escape the plague, started to fuse cultures - Increased long distance trade - Worked on vaccines - Religion superstitions – mad everyone confess, wrote lucky numbers and sayings on things, etc. - Fear - Scapegoats blame the Jews - Church let anyone confess to anyone even laymen. Created confusion and dysfunction in the church and society. #2 In what ways was the Hundred Years War a catalyst for change in the 14 th century? - Presented unusual opportunities for wealth and advancement i. Knights/ unemployed knights were promised wages ii. Criminals were granted pardons - Breakdown of order at the local level i. Knights who were ordinarily handling gov.’t as sheriffs, jurymen, etc. were abroad. - Technological experimentation i. Cannons, longbows - Political developments i. Representative assemblies: ex. – English Parliament ii.
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