13 the autonomic nervous system 14 pns efferent

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Unformatted text preview: 2, pg. 239 18 Structures Innervated by SympatheKc and ParasympatheKc Nervous Systems Fig. 7-3, pg. 241 19 ANS Most visceral organs innervated by both sympathe5c and parasympathe5c fibers In general produce opposite effects in a par5cular organ Dual innerva5on of organs by both branches of ANS allows precise control over organ's ac5vity SNS PNS 20 ANS Sympathe5c system dominates in emergency or stressful ("fight-or-flight") situa5ons Promotes responses that prepare body for strenuous physical ac5vity Parasympathe5c system dominates in quiet, relaxed ("rest-and-digest") situa5ons Promotes body-maintenance ac5vi5es such as diges5on 21...
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