6 21 pg 199 4 proper5es of rod cone vision

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Unformatted text preview: ld. We can classify them according how they respond to light shined within the center circle of the recep5ve field On-center, off-surround Off-center, on-surround When an image is projected upon the re5na, it is analyzed by many, many ganglion cells (both On- and Off-center) See Fig. 6-28a, pg. 207 7 What's the Point? We are presented significantly complex visual s5muli, made up of contras5ng light to dark edges; in other words, the contours of an object By analyzing the input from On-center and Off-center ganglia, the visual cortex detects contours, borders, and edges 8 Contrast Detec5on The brain analyzes input from MANY ganglion cells that respond to the image. + + + + + 9 Visual System Anatomy Fig. 6-31, pg. 211 10 The Visual Co...
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