6 31 pg 211 10 the visual cortex analyzes

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Unformatted text preview: n Communica5on link by which CNS controls ac5vi5es of muscles and glands Two divisions of PNS Autonomic nervous system (ANS) Involuntary branch of PNS Innervates cardiac muscle, smooth muscle, most exocrine glands, some endocrine glands, and adipose 5ssue Soma5c nervous system Subject to voluntary control Innervates skeletal muscle 15 ANS Autonomic nerve pathway Extends from CNS to an innervated organ Two-neuron chain Preganglionic fiber (synapses with cell body of second neuron) Postganglionic fiber (innervates effector organ) Fig. 7-1, pg. 238 16 Two ANS Subdivisions Table 7-5, pg. 245 17 Autonomic Efferent Neuron Organiza5on Fig. 7-...
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