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PURDUE UNIVERSITY School of Mechanical Engineering ME 309L Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Fall, 2009 Laboratory Policy and Procedures 1. Objectives of the Laboratory The fluid mechanics laboratory is designed to complement class work by giving you direct experience with fluid flow phenomena, to provide interesting and motivating learning experiences, and to familiarize you with basic techniques for measuring and reporting data. 2. The Open Laboratory The ME 309 Laboratory is open during most of the work week. Most of the experiments will be performed and reported as team experiments. The team members will be assigned by your lab preparation instructor. Each experiment is performed at your pace and at your convenience during the one- or two-week period assigned for the experiment. When collecting data all team members must participate. Each team must acquire its own unique set of data. The lab is not intended to be a demonstration where several groups watch another taking data and all use that data. An instructor will be in the laboratory at all times to help as needed. The laboratory schedule and hours of operation are listed at the end of this document and are also available at the lab instructor’s desk in ME140. It is to your advantage to use the lab when it is less crowded and to complete each experiment early in the scheduled period. 3. Laboratory Policy a. You must complete all assigned projects and submit a satisfactory written report for each experiment to pass the course. Your laboratory grade will be based on the points received on each report only after you complete all assigned work satisfactorily. Students who fail any one lab will receive a zero for the entire 10% laboratory grade. Failure of a second lab will result in an “F” in the course regardless of other scores. b. Both paper and electronic copies (Word file) of the lab reports must be turned in on or before the due date. Email your report to your lab preparation instructor. Use the following format when naming your file: me309_fall09_lastname1_lastname2_lastname3_lab##.doc For example: me309_fall09_smith_paul_lab23R.doc c. You must stay on schedule. The laboratory schedule is arranged so the background theory for each project is introduced in lecture and in the laboratory preparation class meeting. The lab is designed to enhance your understanding of basic concepts before you are tested on the material. The demands on some of the laboratory equipment are heavy; it is impossible to accommodate students who are behind schedule.
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