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 Paris Ules  Assigned Journal        Being a Father Being a dad is a strange thing one day you are responsible for only yourself, the next  you have a little bundle that depends on you for everything. When you have a child you have to  think like a parent. It does not happen overnight. Being a parent is a process, it takes time to  learn your own technique. Parents are different than friends, sometimes you have to separate  the two. Everyone would like to make their child happy all the time, unfortunately as a parent
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Unformatted text preview: you cannot do that. Kids want to eat ice cream before bed, write on the walls and go to mcdonald’s everyday. Sometimes it is hard to scold your child because they are soo sweet. It is your job to give them boundries. Boundries and structure are the basis of you parenting strategy,without these thing you will have an unruly child. An unruly child grows into an unruly adult....
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