Spring 2010 - Study Guide for Long Quiz 3-1

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 The African Continent and European Colonial Expansion in the Late 1800s When did the Conference of Berlin occur? What was it about? What outcomes for Africa did it lead to? How did Africans react to the partition of their continent? Describe two political or economic policies used by Europeans to control African territory and labor. structured? DESCRIBE four motivations for the new European explorations of Africa during the late nineteenth century. i. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ii. ___________________________________________________________________________________ iii. ___________________________________________________________________________________ iv. ___________________________________________________________________________________ _ i. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ii. ____________________________________________________________________________________ iii. ___________________________________________________________________________________ iv. ___________________________________________________________________________________ If a colony was run by __________________, local elites were removed from power and replaced with a new set of officials from the mother country. a. divine rule b. indigenous rule c. direct rule d. indirect rule Originally sent to Africa to find David Livingstone, Henry Stanley was later a. killed going down the Congo River. b. hired by King Leopold II of Belgium to evaluate the potential of the Congo c. a diplomat who negotiated on the behalf of Africans Mario Azevedo, hEuropean Exploration and Conquest of Africa.h Africana Studies: A Surveyh Film: Basil Davidsonhs Africa: This Magnificent African Cake The Belgians are known to have used a type of direct rule called hpaternalism.h How was this model What were the four (4) hrules of the gameh that came out of the Berlin conference? Who was the officer who invented hindirect ruleh? Sheet1 Page 2 d. the author of many cartoons depicting Africa. a. the cost of creating and supporting an empire b. the belief that Europeans had a moral responsibility to civilize primitive peoples c. the crowded urban living conditions created by the Second Industrial Revolution d. the unpopular belief that Europeans were responsible for the mass destruction of many African cultures 11. Why did European colonizers, in places like Kenya, insist that Africans must pay taxes (e.g., the head tax or the house-hold/hut tax) in European currency/cash? 12. Many European supporters of colonialism during the Age of Imperialism explicitly supported the idea of _______________________ saying only the strong and modernized countries deserved to survive....
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Spring 2010 - Study Guide for Long Quiz 3-1 - Sheet1 Page 1...

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