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untitled 19 - 1.53 Curran mnplificr EJ.fi‘ III m" I...

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Unformatted text preview: 1.53 Curran: mnplificr. EJ .fi‘ III m". I In RI {muninalj HI LII __ '-_- —— 'I'n IimiI I111: change in In, manning I'mm It“J vary-mg um 1th.+ range I In In It“. In IEI'fi wr Htlucl HI wing-1m”)- Inw an that. R15 HJMX II} 'I‘hus. R. :— III“ H Ti) |imi1 II“: ul'mngd' in I" as R; t'l1angm Man I I15 III II”. In III'II- w: sainttfl,.sull'|cicn1ly large: “If '7', I11” I'.IIII.I 'i'lmn. HI. = NIH“ NHw I'm 1'1 '- IIIIIIA. H..." A a ll.--Ini||. _ I“ J— R: mm 1' IMr III H1. *' IMI ml Thus. “.a_ mm A IL'K)___ IIHH14-I1Hr ”IIHI+ 1n wawqmam In '- In +1}. ' O Dul. IIIII 1]! IIJCI kfl LS'J Tmnacnnducinncc amplifier. ”a I In Iflkfl I'. III m‘u' R. naminaJ Fur It} varying in The range I In III m. and n.1,. Iimimd to “31% WE have In SEIEIII Ri sufficiently Iargc'. R. a lfl‘lel a] = mu m For R,_ varying In the range I II) II] He. lhc change in In can he kept In III‘II: il' .II'a is Scicctcd sufficiently large: Ru 2 RI-Irnu Thu-i Rn = IIII'J' an PM E." = II} mV, gm=nfi—JL—Gf—LL— Ra+ Hum-u Ru +Hf.nu_u -: [III] {I [III] “II «I.- III I" “III + II] m=Lnxm'Mv —- 131 “LAN m4=m Inc—i Um I [I :- Im H} - "' - I" Ill I11.-'U"v' INF!” LEVI] Tl'.‘l.l5~rc.1inl!ancc amphficr H" {In —%—D— " ? a M I In J R I'I I [u n ”M 1““ H mm 'i‘n Ir u': 31.1.1. In NH: cuncsp-unding m R1 varying in “1": range I In II} II“. we ficIcul R, suffictentty Inw; a st—“fl-fl ' II} “malt": IIJIIH Tn Iirnil: m1“ IO IU‘J‘o while R; Van-:5 near the range I. a: II} III}. we saIcct Rd ELIErIL‘lEI'IIIj' III-w; mimmxm Than. Rn = I00 9 New. for a', = IE! MA. REED." R RLrun Rim +3. " Rm.“ + R, :- mm R 1001: manna: "IIJI'ICHIEIG 25:51.11“? 2mm hm = II)" 12H} Ont ...
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