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Tribes Cheyenne - Tribes: The Cheyenne of the North...

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Tribes: The Cheyenne of the North American Plains Used Spanish horses to hunt buffalo Using horses, Indians could follow and kill greater numbers of buffalo Horticulture: cultivation of maize, beans, and squash Gardening, not field agriculture, limited to river bottomlands Circular houses built of packed earth in as many as 70 units per village Mainly ate veggies Many traits of the culture nearly identical from Texas to Alberta, yet held linguistic diversity Rapid transformation from cultural heterogeneity to relative homogeneity Often used sign language Economic superiority of riding horses to hunt buffalo attracted newcomers Horse quickly used in warfare Mounted nomads Occupied a central geographic position in the Plains Moved to North Dakota; settled on the Cheyenne River sometime before 1700 Primary currency = horses, raided from other tribes & purchased with native products Guns & more lead & powder drove Indians to riskier horse-raiding parties for money Buffalo traveled in huge herds during late spring and early summer In fall and winter, buffalo scatter into small groups Hunters copied organization of buffalo Buffalo chief sustenance of Plains Indians Lances sometimes used from horseback Final killing done with knives Meat dried into jerky and made into pemmican (dried meat pounded w/berries) Pemmican stored in rawhide sacks Rigid sexual division Wild sheep, deer, and esp. antelope roam foothills in great numbers Cheyenne among few Plains fishers Small game and dog used to vary menu from buffalo meat Prestige marked by number of horses each person captures Travois= 2 poles strapped to animal with ends dragging behind Tipi can hold as many as 20 people, made of decorated skins Clothing made up entirely of skins Weaving either unknown or given up when they became nomads
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Tribes Cheyenne - Tribes: The Cheyenne of the North...

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