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Future of Security

Future of Security - Future of Security In the world of...

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Unformatted text preview: Future of Security In the world of physical objects, rather than binary code and computerized data, great change is occurring. As the world changes so does our perception of life, goals, progress, and above all safety. What made us feel at ease and feel safe in the past, is now obsolete. Weapons are being produced that can evade discovery by metal detectors , bombs that are so small they can inside matchboxes, and so on, all exist now. Our government may have been to provide us with the necessary tactics and equipment to elude devastating consequences in the past, but what about the future? The good news is that the government realizes this fact and has employed thousands of scientist and engineers to manufacture the next generation of security measures to avoid catastrophe. For example, the Department of Homeland Security is working on full body scanners to be put in airports. These scanners take “natural ‘millimeter wave’ energy radiated by travelers' bodies” and contrast it with objects that do no emit the same energy...
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