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Assignment 2 - Voluntourists may stay anywhere from a...

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Voluntourists may stay anywhere from a 5-star, luxury hotel to a basic hostel or with a host family. The wide range of accommodations available to voluntourists provides many options for whatever type of mix of leisure and volunteering they are looking for. The level of involvement ranges from any number of half-day trips at a luxury resort to a full-day building projects in developing countries while staying with a host family. Luxury Voluntourism Many voluntourists choose to experience both ends of the spectrum on their vacation by mixing volunteering with luxury accommodations. Guests can spend hours sweating in the heat of a rainforest only to end the night with a glass of wine on a terrace with breathtaking views. In general, these types of voluntourism trips are more leisure-focused, offering single half-day trips volunteering anywhere from saving turtles to saving the rainforest. Tourists do not pay top dollar to volunteer all day; they want to get some enjoyment out of their dollar as well. Ritz-Carlton is currently the staple of luxury voluntourism offerings with the creation of its “Give Back Getaways” Program. According to the Ritz-Carlton website: The Ritz-Carlton Give Back Getaways volunteer vacation program offers our guests an exceptional opportunity to combine volunteer work with travel and give back to the community in a way that is meaningful to them and to the lives of others. Participating in a half-day local community experience, guests will work alongside our Ritz-Carlton Ladies and Gentlemen in a Community Footprints social or environmental project. The Give Back Getaways volunteer travel experience is unique to each destination and designed to make a lasting contribution and enduring impression. All profits from the Ritz-Carlton Give Back Getaways volunteer vacations are donated to the partner organizations (Volunteer Vacations and Work Travel). Ritz-Carlton has its implemented this program in many of its North American hotels as well as select hotels in Mexico, Asia, and Europe. Most of its volunteer experiences are half-day trips,
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offering an adult and child rate. The Ritz is clearly targeting families through its offerings of discounted child rates. These types of accommodations typically have all the amenities expected in a luxury hotel. On a psychological level, volunteering becomes a rationale for people spending massive amounts of money of vacation. It suppresses some of the guilt associated with spending thousands of dollars on a family vacation if they feel they are helping a cause. The recommendations later in the report are loosely based on the success of its program and its ability to combine leisure travel with volunteering. Midscale Voluntourism
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Assignment 2 - Voluntourists may stay anywhere from a...

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