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Chapter 23 Culinary: Potatoes, grains, pasta Most meals would be incomplete without starch. All of these three are low in fat, and can be prepared and served in a variety of ways. Potatoes American eat about 50 pounds annually, making it one of the 20 top veggies. Types: o Fingerlings. Low in starch, good for roasting in potatoes salad o Purple Potatoes o Red Potatoes. Not a dry mealy texture that’s needed for baking o Russet (Burbank) Potatoes. Standard for baking, fall apart when boiled o White Potatoes (Also Yukon Gold) o Sweet Potatoes. From a different botanical family, fry, bake, roast, puree o Yams. Also botanically different, can be used like red potatoes Nutrition: o Little fat, easily digested carbohydrates o Good source of minerals and vitamins (B6, C and potassium) o But the vitamin C is often destroyed when it is cooked Purchasing and Storing o Mealy vs Waxy Mealy p. are high in starch, “bakers”, low sugar, good for whipping because they fall apart when boiled, good for deep frying Waxy p. are low in starch and have skin thin. Boiling, not baking or deep frying. o Grading US. Fancy or US. No.1 AND also Grade a versus grade b o Storing Between 50 and 65 F.
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Below 40 makes starch into sugar Dark room (light makes them green and bitter) Remove green patches, eyes and sprouts (contain solanine, which is dangerous)
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Chapter_23_Culinary - Chapter 23 Culinary Potatoes grains...

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