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rjh267-2275-ProjEval - HADM 2275 Introduction to...

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HADM 2275 – Introduction to Information Systems Name: Ryan Houska Group:10-Inventory Management Section: 1 Project Evaluation Form Due by December 7 th @ 3:00pm Rm 335 for Paper Copy and Electronic Submission This part is to allow you to reflect on your experience working with fellow students in your group. As you reflect on your experience you will evaluate your performance and the performance of each member of the team. While space will be allotted to allow you to speak subjectively, it is also important that you reflect on your experience objectively – as a manager would – in the reporting on the performance and involvement of everyone. The information in this document will be kept confidential. The overall score for the group presentation depends in part on your honest impression of the performance the team and of each individual in the group. This document will be separately scored based on your thoroughness in completing each section below. To answer, type your answer in the identified areas. Q1. How would you score your involvement in this project out of 100%? Explain your rationale. 90%. For the first time in my Cornell career, I can honestly say that I did a majority of the work. I did most of the outline by myself when two group members did not respond to my emails. I had to rewrite someone’s part of the final paper because it was so poorly written. I put together the final paper as well as the PowerPoint presentation. It was very frustrating because I felt like I had to take
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  • Spring '09
  • The Outline, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Statler Hotel, Ellsworth Milton Statler, Kathy Terry

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rjh267-2275-ProjEval - HADM 2275 Introduction to...

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