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: Professor Preston Clark FROM : Ryan Houska 2140510 DATE : 9/15/09 SUBJECT : Case Study Example: Troubleshooting Information Systems at Royal Hotel Overview By most standards, the Royal Hotel is viewed as a very good hotel; however, the hotel’s standards of excellence push it to be even better. The GM wants to make sure the room is 100% ready when the guest arrives, and have all problems fixed before the guest checks into the room. The use of information systems throughout this hotel can greatly improve communication between departments if the software is actually used. Business Challenge/Strategy The current challenge Royal Hotels is facing is a lack of rapid communication between departments within the hotel. The GM is horrified to hear one of his best customers was welcomed to his room by a clogged toilet. Along with this lack of communication comes the lack of individual responsibility. Departments can simply play the blame game and defer responsibility. The current system also has not encouraged forward thinking, or fixing problems before they become a problem. The lack of quality control means that the hotel counts on mostly housekeeping to report all problems in rooms after they occur. The hotel is not collecting useful data on its rooms. The Royal Hotel is unsure how to go about fixing their communication problem. Their no- nonsense GM has simply hired an outside consulting company, told Blake the hotel’s problems, and expects results. The hotel does not seem to be taking a very active part in the implementation of the new software, relying mostly on the consulting firm to do the work. The IS Goal The goal of the information system is to improve and speed up communication throughout the hotel as a whole. The improved technology also collects data based on the inputs of the employees that can improve quality control as well as preventive maintenance. Ultimately, the IS will put the GM at ease knowing his horrifying clogged toilets and carpet stains will no longer be an issue. People Housekeeping . The new system requires them to use a telephone that will instantaneously input problems into a computer. Possibly the biggest advantage for the housekeepers is the ability to report deficiencies in multiple languages, collapsing the language barrier. Maintenance/Response Staff
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rjh267-CaseStudy - TO Professor Preston Clark FROM Ryan...

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