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rjh267-SEpaper - To Professor Clark From Ryan Houska rjh267...

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To: Professor Clark From: Ryan Houska rjh267 Date: October 6, 2009 Subject: SE Paper Overview of Google Docs Information System Google proved again to be one of the world’s leaders in innovation when it introduced Google Docs. The information system is a free, cloud application, requiring internet access to use. It was created to allow users to the freedom to share, collaborate, publish and store documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time. Google Docs is an example of workgroup or groupware, which occurs when users are simultaneously collaborating on the same document. This proves to be much more efficient than workflow which is more process centered and results in multiple copies of the document. My experience with this system stems from one of the Hotel School’s favorites, group projects. Google Docs is the solution for groups who have too many schedules and not enough time to meet face-to-face. Overview of Organization and Environment The organization making use of Google Docs in this case was my marketing group project. Our group was comprised of five members. Each was already familiar with Google Docs from their favorite freshmen class, HA1174. Naturally, a member created a document and sent it to the group to begin collaborating. Each member was previously assigned an equal contribution to make to the paper. The Google Docs environment is on the cloud. It is very user-friendly as you would expect from a Google product although it does provide a very in-depth guide for the less systems-literate. The user’s Google Docs home page lists links to all his or her documents along with who else can
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view or collaborate on the documents. The layout is very similar to Microsoft Office Suite, providing a smooth transition to using Google Docs. Strategic Business Objective
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rjh267-SEpaper - To Professor Clark From Ryan Houska rjh267...

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