HA2243 Fall 2009 Prelim Study Guide

HA2243 Fall 2009 Prelim Study Guide - HADM 2243 Marketing...

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Fall 2009 HADM 2243 Marketing Management for Services Prelim Study Guide Professor Helen Chun October 2009 1. Intro to the Course and Intro to Marketing (chapter 1) We studied the core concepts of marketing, the marketing process, and marketing management philosophies. What is marketing? Difference between needs, wants, and demands Distinction between customer value (the difference between the benefits a customer perceives in a firm’s market offering and the costs of obtaining those benefits) and customer satisfaction (the product’s perceived performance in delivering value relative to a buyers expectations) The 5 different marketing management philosophies - Production concept - Product concept - Selling concept - Marking concept - Societal marketing concept 2. Service Dimensions, Challenges, and Expanded Marketing Mix (Chapter 2) We discussed the dimensions of service products and marketing and examined challenges for service marketing management. What are services? Dimensions of services (intangibility, inseparability, variability, perishability): how would you minimize the negative impact of each of these characteristics on consumer purchase decisions and/or post-purchase evaluations? What are 4P’s of marketing mix? Understand each element. What are additional 3P’s of extended marketing mix for services? Understand each element. Service process mapping 3. Competitive Strategy and Marketing (Chapter 3) We looked at concepts related to mission and values, competitive strategy, SWOT analysis, and market growth strategies. Understand corporate values, mission, and objectives: What is a mission statement? What should it outline?
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HA2243 Fall 2009 Prelim Study Guide - HADM 2243 Marketing...

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