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Ryan Houska, Madeline Wachtel, Michael Long, Janith Chang Section: Monday PM M ENU P ROJECT : P ART 1 Menu Theme: Argentinian Spring Day Cookout Argentina celebrates a holiday on September 21 called Spring Day, which represents the beginning of the spring season. Spring is a very joyous season and is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and fantastic weather. Our theme is going to be a Spring Day Cookout, because we are going to be cooking traditional Argentine food that reflect the country's rich culture. Empanadas are a daily staple in their diet and can be eaten anytime throughout the day as a snack or as part of a meal. Beef is the national dish, as Argetina is famous for their large cattle ranches. Finally, Argentine ice cream is frequently sold in little food stalls by the side of the road, and is a national favourite. These are also perfect foods for a fun outdoor cookout theme because they can be home made relatively easily and are perfect for sharing with family and friends throughout the day. The food we are making is not extremely fancy, which is why it is perfect for a cookout. It is going to be a well-crafted meal, but it is not a meal that needs to be served in a five star restaurant. We are going to follow this theme by creating food that is very colorful because Spring Day is celebrated by enjoying colorful Argentine food and spending time with good friends and family. We want to recreate the experience of Spring Day, and hopefully we will bring the feeling of Spring Day to whoever eats our meal. When creating our menu we wanted to prepare a meal for a bright occasion and for a happy celebration. Having an outdoor celebration on the first day of spring is a perfect opportunity to enjoy some excellent Argentine food on an Argentine holiday. And we hope to explore the rich Argentine culture as we learn more about their traditional foods.
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Menu Overview The three courses are on an intermediate level to create. The empanadas should take the longest to make since both the dough and filling need to be made from scratch. For the empanadas, we will be using a fryer as well as sautéing the meat for the stuffing. For the steak, we will be using the grill and marinating it before hand. For the ice cream, we will
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MenuProjectPart#1.doc - Ryan Houska, Madeline Wachtel,...

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