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IM-IS-presentation notes

IM-IS-presentation notes - relates to Adaco and its use at...

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Hello, we are group ten and we were responsible for exploring inventory management systems, both as a whole and how its primary system, Adaco, relates to Statler and the Hotel School. Without further a due, I would like to introduce the team. Christy Ai is a Junior in the Hotel School and she will be discussing the history of the inventory management systems as well as the various information systems currently available on the market. Isys Johnson is a Junior who will discuss the socio-technical model as it relates to the Hotel and Statler. She will also explain the history of the inventory management system s in the Statler. Teresa Lee is also a Junior who will explain the importance of the systems development life cycle as it
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Unformatted text preview: relates to Adaco and its use at the Statler and Hotel School. And I am Ryan Houska, the lone sophomore and male, Christy… As you can see inventory management has made leaps and bounds over the past century from finger counting and pencil and paper tallies to scanners and computers. Adaco is an example of the technological advances made in the inventory management sector. Hopefully you found our presentation very informative and maybe picked up something even you guys didn’t know. Now I would like to open it up to any questions you may have about the presentation....
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