AEM 1220 Book Report - Daniel Imhoff Science Lessons by...

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Daniel Imhoff Science Lessons by Gordon Binder AEM 1220- Professor Lesser Science Lessons: What the Business of Biotech Taught me about Management by Gordon binder takes a unique look inside some of the unconventional, but very successful ways of managing and operating a company. Gordon Binder, the former CEO of AMGEN shows readers, through a timeline of his reign, how and why AMGEN was the “New York Yankees of its field.” Benefitting from corporate experience and unanimous support from everyone involved, AMGEN’s officers and board members never doubted the success of the company. Being able to genetically engineer medicine would not only set records financially but would also change medicinal history everywhere. Putting the company and its industry first, is just one of the many exceptional characteristics that set AMGEN apart from the rest. Thanks to the unconventional wisdom of its leaders, AMGEN is still one of today’s largest companies. AMGEN is founded on eight key core values that support and direct the company. Unlike many fortune 500 companies, AMGEN created these values on their own in order to be a foundation, not to impress customers or vendors. These values are considered AMGEN’s secret weapon and are the guiding principles behind the company. First and foremost, AMGEN is a science company. Meaning, they let their research and development team lead the way. This action was the minority as most companies select target markets and then respond accordingly. AMGEN would let the science determine the direction and as a result, went from an ordinary company to a true innovator. Some of the other key core values include; competing intensely to win, working in teams, and creating value for everyone involved in the company. Management was also a key aspect in AMGEN’s success.
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AEM 1220 Book Report - Daniel Imhoff Science Lessons by...

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