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H ADM 2201: Homework V Fall Semester 2009 Due Friday, Oct 23, by 2:00 pm Solutions to instructor generated questions must be handed in via hard copy to Linda Stoker in 335 Statler Hall. Name (Print CLEARLY):_____________________________________________ Signature: _________________________________________________________ This cover page must be stapled to the homework you turn in. It is the front page of your homework. Make sure to fill out the information requested above. GRADING SHEET SOURCE MAXIMUM SCORE SCORE EARNED Aplia 15 Instructor 35 Total 50
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Note: Aplia has 4 questions for this homework; be sure they are completed by 2:00 pm on Friday, October 16, when these questions are due. Note that some information on obtaining probabilities from the t-distribution appears as a new page under the “Excel Help in Probability” under Course Documents. Question 1. The new Taverna Banfi in Statler Hotel has a revised menu, and one of its new appetizers is Fried Calamari. The food prep folks preparing the appetizers do so in a way that the total weight of calamari in an appetizer is equally likely to be any value between 3.2 and 4.2 ounces, and that the portions of calamari are prepared independently. A) Let X = the weight of a randomly selected portion of fried calamari. Give the probability distribution of X, including parameters. Defend your choice in one sentence. B) What is the mean and variance of X (including units)? C) What is the probability a portion of calamari weighs more than 4.0 ounces? D) Betsy and Josh go out on a date to the Taverna Banfi, and both order fried calamari as an
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Hwk5GdDrtF09 (1) - H ADM 2201: Homework V Fall Semester...

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