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Tribes Navajo - Tribes: The Navaho of the American...

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Tribes: The Navaho of the American Southwest Best-preserved aboriginal cultures on USA occupy the Southwest Arid climate preserves prehistoric culture remarkably well Nomadic hunters inhabited abandoned pueblos Used a sinew-backed bow, much more powerful than Pueblos’ warped stick Spaniards introduced the goat, sheet, and horses Navajos utilized horses to raid the Spaniards and other Indians Navajo territory came under US government jurisdiction in 1846 Colonel Kit Carson killed livestock, burned fields, cut down fruit trees until the people were literally starving, causing them to surrender at Fort Defiance Long walk=great mass movement from Fort Defiance to Fort Sumner, 180 miles’ walk US government broke all promises to Navajo A better attempt made in the mid-1930s with the New Deal government, which instituted a stock-reduction program to prevent overgrazing of the land Navajo birth/death rate twice as rapid as rest of US population Current reservation is more than 15,000,000 acres in NW NM, NE AZ, and SE Utah, has density of 2.1 persons per square mile Water scarce anywhere but high in mountains, but winters make living impossible Agriculture= maize, squash, melons, beans, tree fruits Potatoes, alfalfa, wheat and oats frequently grown in suitable areas Livestock consume wild plants Pinon nuts sold to traders as cocktail tidbits in NY
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Tribes Navajo - Tribes: The Navaho of the American...

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