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Talent SHow - It all started in the middle of December The...

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It all started in the middle of December. The time for tryouts for the sixth annual Kiski Area Key Club Talent Show had come. Every year students from all around the school district venture to the high school auditorium to showcase their many talents. There were a very large amount of students of all ages who came to tryout, however the judges had to make cuts and pick the best talent for the show on January 18, 2008. The judges, who were three teachers, had to choose the best talent for each age group. After all tryouts concluded, the final contestants were chosen and notified without delay. Immediately following the tryouts preparations for the talent show began. A number of flyers and posters were made by a number have enthusiastic Kiski Area Key Clubbers. Not only did members have to make sure everyone was notified, however they also had to make sure there were going to be enough refreshments due to the fact that mostly everyone in the Kiski Valley was going to be attending. Everyone in Key Club
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