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Zak Murdock 2120045 Fishy Advertisement Many advertisements today are considered controversial. There are advertisements that promote unsafe drinking, smoking, and even advertisements that go against everything women have fought for over many years. In addition to these advertisements there are also many of which create controversies about treating animals badly. The advertisements that get in trouble are the ones that are presumed to have bad morals or ethics. There even times when advertisements seem relatively harmless and some people tend to take the criticism of the ad too far. For example, one advertisement that has received unjust criticism is a Budweiser advertisement in which has established a lot of attention and disapproval by animal rights activists. The Budweiser advertisement in question is one in which shows a fish tank full of beer bottles next to a bag of water with perfectly healthy and lively goldfish swimming around in it. Animal activists have stated that this advertisement promotes disrespect and
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Controversial_Advertisement[1] - Zak Murdock 2120045 Fishy...

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