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Murdock 1 Zak Murdock 2120045 History 1531 20 April 2009 Critical Analysis of Michael Herr’s Dispatches When one thinks of modern warfare one would consider large military operations, explosions, discipline of army life, and the discussions between generals at headquarters. However Dispatches , by Michael Herr, blows this out of the water as the reader learns about all of the scary aspects of the war that turned day to day life into a circus for those that had to be there. Through the eyes of Herr one gets the feeling that in the land of the mad, the sane man is a journalist. Dispatches is a wonderful compilation of true accounts and stories of the Vietnam War from Michael Herr, a writer who spent a year trailing the marines and army on their operations in the cities and jungles of Vietnam. The book is a personal account of his own experience and the scenes he witnessed told through a subjective voice bursting with everything from humor, pain, and compassion. From the beginning to the end, Michael Herr takes the reader through a tour of duty in Vietnam. Dispatches contains the trues accounts and experiences of Herr in which he offers an intense, factual, and brilliant explanation of the events that took place during a war in which many have wondered much about. Although Michael Herr only spent a year in Vietnam his memories and experiences will last a lifetime. Dispatches has given the American people and all of those not involved with the war a first hand experience of the atrocities and everyday occurrences that happened. According one New York Times book review Dispatches is, “the best book to have been written about the Vietnam War.” 1 The New York Times was definitely not wrong with this 1 Herr, Michael. Dispatches. Vintage Books, New York. 1977. Inside cover.
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Murdock 2 statement. After reading Herr’s accounts of the war it is very easy to understand why this is the only book one would have to read in order to understand what went on during daily life of the soldiers fighting. Although Herr was only a journalist and a reporter of the Vietnam War, he traveled with the soldiers for a year and did everything they did besides actually physically engage in combat. While reading his book, every word seems to be perfect and the reader is captivated by the intensity of Herr’s recollections. “Sitting in Saigon was like sitting inside the folded petals of a poisonous flower, the
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dispatches - Murdock 1 Zak Murdock 2120045 History 1531 20...

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