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Murdock 1 Zak Murdock Mrs. Flick Academic English Period 3 10 May 2010 America’s Harmful Advertising Almost everything consumers purchase in today’s world they have seen in an advertisement. Advertising has become a very prominent aspect of America’s modern society. Advertising attempts to reach out to all people and persuade them to purchase a certain product or service. The art of advertising has been prevalent in American society and culture for a long time period. During this period of time, methods for advertising ranged from television commercials, to magazine ads, to billboards, as well as many other schemes. Due to the numerous advertising techniques in all aspects of American life, a large number of people of all ages view these advertisements. Although many companies state that their advertisements are not meant to target youth, there are times when the methods of advertising may deem harmful to the youth of America. America’s advertising industry is the prominent cause for underage alcohol consumption, adolescent tobacco use, and childhood obesity. Advertising in America has been prevalent for centuries. As found in Advertising , in 1742 Benjamin Franklin’s General magazine contained the first American magazine advertisements (Stanford 88). Ever since these first magazine ads, advertising, whether in magazines, television, billboards, etc., has been used for just about everything. In today’s world, advertisements are virtually everywhere. Advertising has become so common in American society that by the age of 21, an average American will have watched over one million commercials on television (Ruskin and Schor 18). Not only have Americans viewed an immense number of television commercials, but they have also viewed other advertisements all over the
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Murdock 2 place. Due to the fact that advertisements are simply out of control, many feel that the youth of America are being unfairly targeted. According to “Advertising Should Not be Restricted,” an article in Advertising , there are approximately one hundred advertisements shown during only four hours of television programming (Ayres 43). Beside adolescents viewing advertisements on television, they are also seeing them in magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and billboards. These advertisements may not seem to target youth, however these ads are causing major problems in the United States. It has been found that the advertisement industry unfairly targets teens that are unable to evaluate the claims made by the unethical advertisements they view (Schor 54). The advertisements that are mostly targeting the youth of America include those of alcohol, tobacco, and junk food companies. Advertising is so manipulative that is has become a leading cause in a number of youth related problems. Although some may feel that advertisements do nothing to persuade those who view them, Roy F. Fox feels that, “Consumption—and the advertising force that drives it—is our most powerful cultural force, shaping our attitudes, beliefs, values, and
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Draft 1 - Murdock 1 Zak Murdock Mrs. Flick Academic English...

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