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Evolution Persuasive - Murdock 1 Zak Murdock Mr. Voytek AP...

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Murdock 1 Zak Murdock Mr. Voytek AP Biology 2 May 2008 Evolution vs. Creationism The debate over how life began on Earth is a never-ending one to say the least. The formation of life is one of the major controversies in the scientific world. There are a number of different theories attempting to explain how life began. However, the two most widely known theories of the formation of life include evolution and creationism. The evolution versus creationism debate is often referred to as the "Great Debate." Scientists and religious figures have been debating this topic for a number of years. There is no one theory to explain the formation of life. Although evolution seems to be a pretty solid explanation for life on earth, there are some gray areas, such as how life suddenly just formed out of nowhere. Conversely, both evolution and creationism can both be used together in order provide an answer for the formation of life on Earth. Both evolution and creationism can serve as explanations through various ways such as through recollections in the Bible, as well as the immense amount of information gained through the fossil record. ( National Academy Of Sciences 1) The theory of evolution is the belief that all life evolved from prokaryotic bacteria that was present on earth three to four billion years ago. Through time, the bacteria grew and evolved into numerous different organisms, which now serve as common ancestors to all life on earth today. Today, the similarities between organisms suggest that all known species are descended from a common ancestor through the process of evolution.
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Evolution Persuasive - Murdock 1 Zak Murdock Mr. Voytek AP...

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