Experience - Zak Murdock Throughout one's life one may...

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Zak Murdock Throughout one’s life one may experience many things that deeply affect them as a person. Although I have not yet experienced many things that have had a significant affect on my life, I do not know whether or not I should consider myself lucky. However, there is one occasion that has made a great impact on me. My experience came before I was just the age of eleven. Some people may not clearly remember a certain experience they had at eleven, but because of the affect it had on me I do. As my bedroom door opened, my dad walked in and said that he had something important to tell me… As I sat on my bed hugging my dad, thousands of thoughts rushed through my mind. Was he going to be okay? How long will he have to wait? Will he find a donor? My dad reassured me that everything was to be just fine, and there are a number of people who undergo kidney transplants. After my dad left my room I began to realize how much not only my dad means to me, but how much I care about my family as well. About ten months passed and my dad received a call notifying him there were two donor
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Experience - Zak Murdock Throughout one's life one may...

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