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Galactic Images - Without it there would be many...

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Galactic Images The galactic images seen on the Hubble Space Telescope website are stunning. These images give humans all around the world amazing views of what exactly is in space. These images not only provide the public with eye-catching photos, but they also provide scientists with numerous photos as well. With these images scientists can learn much about space and continue to explore everything it has to offer. Many discoveries have been made by HST images and the images have also allowed scientists to learn much about space and galaxies. The HST is very important to space exploration.
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Unformatted text preview: Without it there would be many opportunities missed out on and the United States would lose their eye in space. The HST is very beneficial to not only scientists but to the general public as well. It is an amazing asset to have in space because it allows for images to be taken that cannot be taken from telescopes located on Earth. Due to the fact that the Hubble Space Telescope is very important to learning about and exploring space, it would be foolish for lack of funding to allow it to be shut down....
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