Gangs - Murdock 1 Zak Murdock Mr Lohr Sociology Period 6 19...

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Murdock 1 Zak Murdock Mr. Lohr Sociology Period 6 19 May 2008 The History and Effects of Urban Gangs Throughout American History Gangs are not a modern phenomenon. They have been prevalent all throughout the history of the United States. The roots of gangs extend deep into America’s past. Back in the day, the conditions of urban areas were very poor and perfect for breeding numerous gangs. In comparison, today’s urban areas contain identical conditions as to those that have been breeding grounds for many gangs throughout history (Haskins 13). Along with the formation of gangs, come the effects of gang life. Gangs affect society in a number of different ways and in many areas of life. Throughout the history of the United States gangs have been widespread and they have affected society in numerous ways. In order for one to begin to learn about the history of gangs, they must know the definition and aspects of a gang. It is very difficult to pin one definition to a gang because they vary in size and purpose. Also not all members are equally active in gangs. Gangs may range from street clubs to violent delinquent groups; therefore, in today’s world there are numerous definitions for what dictates a gang (Kettering 6). There are basically four ways in which a gang can be defined. The first is that it is an organized group with a recognized leader with less powerful lieutenants under his or her command. Secondly, it can be a unified group, which remains together during peaceful times as well
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Gangs - Murdock 1 Zak Murdock Mr Lohr Sociology Period 6 19...

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