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Zachary Robert Murdock 8/12/1989 I have always possessed a number of different intellectual interests. My interests have ranged from sciences to social studies. Throughout my academic career I have always been in a variety of classes. All of these classes have provided me with an in depth intellectual experience. I have always been very intrigued by mathematics. Ever since elementary school, math has always been my favorite subject. I loved math so much that I enjoyed figuring out every math problem I could get my hands on. However, in junior high my intellectual interests switched up a little. I began to gain a strong interest in history. Following my fling with history, I began to like learning about earth science the most. Nevertheless, by the time a reached high school, my love for mathematics was still there. Although I still possessed a broad range of different intellectual interests, I got the most pleasure from learning about math. Overtime, however, just as all things do, my interests have somewhat evolved. Although I still
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