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King Tutankhamen

King Tutankhamen - was an accident people think that he...

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King Tut’s tomb was filled with valuable belongings like jewelry, weapons, beds, clothes, and thrones. Much more than that too. The Egyptians believed that they still live after their death, so they put all of their belongings with the people who die. The people who have died can still have their belonging with them. King Tut died at age 19 years old. No one knows why though. Discoveries say that it was a head injury. Tut’s lower back skull had a dense spot. Some people think it was murder and other people think it was an accident. If it was a murder, most people think that his wife did it because she wanted the valuables. If it
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Unformatted text preview: was an accident, people think that he fell of his transportation and hit his head of the ground. Discoveries think that he fractured his leg and died quickly. They also said that he didn’t die from a disease because he was in good health. King Tut’s characteristics were very interesting. He was about five feet tall. He had large front incisors and had an overbite. His skull was elongated which means his skull was longer in the back than regular humans. Discoveries think that his dad had the same kind of skull, so it is a family gene. When he was found, his spine was bent, but they believe it was from after his death....
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