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Men of Honor - "Men of Honor was a very motivational movie...

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“Men of Honor” was a very motivational movie. At the time this movie took place racism and segregation was still apart of the American society. Carl Brashear was an African America who had enlisted in the Navy. His father wanted the best for his son and did not want him to end up like he had. As Carl was about to board the bus to ship off to the Navy, his father said, “ When it’s hard, don’t quit on me, ever!” I felt that this was a very powerful quote and so did Carl. Carl vowed to never quit and he did just that throughout the entire movie. In relation to our team, there are going to be a lot of times when it is going to be pretty hard, but we can never quit on each other. Once on the Navy ship Carl witnessed what it was like to be a Navy diver. He saw that the divers showed selflessness, they needed to be able to give everything in order to save lives just as he had witnessed from master chief diver who had risked his life to save the fallen diver and had lost his ability to ever dive again.
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