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Zak Murdock 2120045 January 22, 2009 Dear Control Group, I recently read an article in the New York Times, “Change You Can Only Imagine,” by Kathryn Shattuck. This was a very interesting and attention grabbing editorial; therefore I wanted to express my feelings towards your company about the contest you held. I feel that the White House Redux competition was a very clever and quite interesting idea and I would be very interested in finding out about all of the entries that were submitted. Not only did I find the competition interesting but I also thought that some of the ideas, even though it may be very unlikely, could quite possibly one day be taken into consideration. However, the White House is both a historical and national figure and I feel that if any change was made to its appearance it would diminish its appeal. Every president and their families, besides Washington, have lived in the White House and it has obviously gone through a number of changes, however I feel that some of the entries
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Unformatted text preview: described in the article were flat out ridiculous. For example, painting it black or another color, reconstructing it as the world’s largest tower, and even having it float. Even though every President has made specific changes to accommodate their specific preferences, I feel that the White House is fine just the way it is and always has been. The White House will forever remain a large tourist attraction and the wonder that it has pretty much stayed the same throughout America’s history, is such a great accomplishment and a symbol of national pride. Therefore, although I think that the competition was very interesting and a great idea, I feel that the ideas proposed will never actually be used and the whole contest was merely just for amusement and fun. As well as to see the creative opinions around the world about how they felt the White House should be like. Sincerely, Zak Murdock...
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