Tribes Jivaro

Tribes Jivaro - Tribes The Jivaro of South America Amazon...

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Tribes: The Jivaro of South America Amazon basin Soil poor for most agricultural uses; only advantage is its looseness Every day, rain comes suddenly and without warning, and clears rapidly Deficient in large land animals Food found in rivers: fish, turtles, large freshwater mammals Amazon people most concentrated along these rivers General racial characteristics of American Indians, but are shorter Subsist largely on vegetable crops Cultural uniformity Jivaro typical of the tribes of the montaña, well-known for shrinking & preserving human heads Cultural entity of around 20,000 people Call themselves Shuara Language has no known affinity to another Groups make war incessantly on one another and on any outsiders Garden crops cultivated by women Men hunt and fish, mostly monkeys and birds Blowgun has poison dart Blowgun not used in warfare Typical weapons of war are lance and shield, and increasingly firearms Catching fish: dam constructed, poisonous sap placed above dam, fish rise to the surface and are gathered by villagers Most important food item: manioc root, a tuber that is made into flour Manioc root commonly used to make a drink, called nijimanche Maize, sweet potatoes, squash, peanuts cultivated
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Tribes Jivaro - Tribes The Jivaro of South America Amazon...

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