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Prison Rights&Riots

Prison Rights&Riots - Zak Murdock While prisoners...

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Zak Murdock 12-12-06 While prisoners are incarcerated they retain a number of conditional rights, however these rights are only conditional and not absolute. Conditional rights are subject to the requirements of imprisonment and strongly resemble privileges, however privileges can very easily be taken away where as the rights of prisoners have a basis in the Constitution. There are a number of conditional rights prisoners retain once incarcerated, only to name a few prisoners’ have religious freedom, freedom of speech, and have a right to proper medical treatment. Those who are incarcerated are given religious freedom. Prisoners have the right to assemble for religious services, as well as attend other services of other religious groups. Not only are prisoners given the right to receive visits from ministers, but they are also given the right to correspond with other religious leaders. Prisoners are also allowed to observe religious dietary laws, and also wear religious insignia. Along with religious freedom, prisoners are given freedom of speech.
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