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Unformatted text preview: Page | 1 MANAGEMENT 120A CASE 1 Smith’s Barley Farm ALTERNATIVE INCOME DETERMINATION Objective: Compare the alternative bases of income determination. Barley is a cereal grain. In botanical terms, barley belongs to the Poacea family, the Triticae tribe and the Hordeum genus. All cultivated barley belongs to the Hordeum vulgare L. genus. Barley is a short- season, early maturing crop grown commercially in both irrigated and in dry land environments. Because this grain adapts well to different types of environments, it is grown in many regions throughout the United States. In fact 27 states in the US grow barley to some extent. Major producing states, in descending order of production, include North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, Virginia, Minnesota, Maryland, South Dakota, Oregon and Utah. Danny Smith owns and operates a farm in Montana. During 2009, he produced and harvested 40,000 bushels of Barley. He had no inventory of Barley at the start of the year. Immediately 40,000 bushels of Barley....
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