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CS 130 — Spring 2009 Problem Set #4 Software Engineering Due June 1, 11:59a.m. Unlike previous homework sets, this one is more introspective, and asks you to think about the topics we have covered in class in the context of your projects. Problem 4.1. (5 points) Think about the software development processes we have discussed in this course. Which of these helped in your project? Could help in your project? Would definitely not help? Would your answers change if the project timeline was different? Problem 4.2. (5 points) Think about the testing strategies we discussed in class. Would the test coverage metrics discussed in class help in your context? If not, what would be effective test strategies for your project?
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 4.3. (5 points) What do you think would be the two most important software engineering challenges for new classes of applications in wireless health? Would the principles you studied in this class offer any ideas in handling these challenges? If not, what approach would you suggest? Problem 4.4. (5 points) You have 100 points. You have to distribute these points among your project team (including yourself) according to their proportional participation and contribution in the project. Please evaluate your team and provide a short justification for your grades....
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