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Language Acquisition in Children - Children learn language by both hearing speech and through physical interactions with others - If a child who just heard language through TV or radio they would not learn language, must have physical interactions - Children who grow up in normal household will acquire language used around them, can learn multiple languages just as easily as one if they are exposed regularly - Parents’ use of “baby talk” - Helps children learn language because it’s usually slightly more advanced than child’s current level of language development, leads them in right direction - Helps child sort out meanings, sounds, and sentence patterns of language - Simpler vocabulary and sentence structure than adult language - Exaggerated intonation and sounds - Lots of repetition and questions - When do they learn to talk? - No set point, learn language in stages, each child reaches set stages at different times - First sounds a baby makes are crying - 6 weeks: begins making vowel sounds, starting with ( aah, ee, ooh ) - 6 months: starts to make strings of consonant-vowel pairs, boo,( da, dada, mama ) - Playing around with sounds of speech and sorting out sounds important for his language from sounds that aren’t - Don’t attach words with a meaning, just saying them - 1½ : utters single words with meaning - Always “content” words ( dog, eat, cookie ) - Never “function” words ( a, and, the, of ) - 2: begins putting two words together to make small sentences ( doggie run ) - Later may make longer sentences without function words ( big doggie run fast ) - By kindergarten will have acquired vast majority of rules and sounds of the language
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test 2 review - Language Acquisition in Children - Children...

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