A5 - and you are to select materials for the fuel tank(pressure vessel a Considering the flight will be at high altitude(the edge of space suggest

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A material’s structure determines its properties which in turn determine the applications for which it can be used. However, with knowledge of the structure and some creativity, the engineer can formulate a process that will change the structure and enhance the properties, thereby enabling it to be used for a sophisticated application. So from the knowledge of the fundamental science of materials, engineers develop processes (manufacturing techniques) that dramatically alter the natural (or equilibrium) structure of a material and hence its properties to meet specific requirements for an application. Homework 1 (100 points) Due next Monday. A company has asked you to help their business in space tourism. They have  designed a rocket that will be powered by nitrous oxide (reacted with rubber), 
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Unformatted text preview: and you are to select materials for the fuel tank (pressure vessel). a) Considering the flight will be at high altitude (the edge of space), suggest materials that will have a good fracture toughness low temperature. THe M1 index should consider brittle failure under a displacement-limited design. Find materials with M1 > 10. b) To increase passenger safety and spacecraft performance, consider M2 a second material index for energy-limited failure under fracture at minimum mass. Hint: Recall that toughness is the integral of the stress-strain curve (energy), and find an index that will maximize fracture toughness....
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