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a14 - XeF 2 a colorless crystalline solid Let's try to draw...

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Some elements having low-energy d-orbitals also form exceptions to the "octet rule" in that more than eight electrons are accommodated around the central atom. The central atom in most of these compounds will be bonded to highly electronegative elements such as fluorine, oxygen and chlorine. A surprising element in this group is the inert gas, xenon. If xenon is exposed to fluorine gas in the presence of light for several weeks it can form
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Unformatted text preview: XeF 2 , a colorless crystalline solid. Let's try to draw the electron-dot formula for SF 4 (sulfur tetrafluoride). Note that sulfur is in the 3rd period and thus does have d-orbitals available. Transition metals offer a unique problem in that they have several common oxidation states so we tend to not write electron-dot formulas for their compounds....
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