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a23 - arrangement of the hybrid orbitals The trigonal...

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Now let's look at something a bit different. In the boron trifluoride molecule, only three groups are arranged around the central boron atom. In this case, the 2s orbital is combined with only two of the 2p orbitals (since we only need three hybrid orbitals for the three groups...thinking of groups as atoms and non- bonding pairs) forming three hybrid orbitals called sp 2 hybrid orbitals. The other p-orbital remains unhybridized and is at right angles to the trigonal planar
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Unformatted text preview: arrangement of the hybrid orbitals. The trigonal planar arrangement has bond angles of 120 o . In the following stick model, the empty p orbital is shown as the probability area. ..one end shaded blue and the other is white. ..there are no electrons in this orbital! A space-filling model of boron trifluoride would look like. .....
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