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a26 - sp hybridization and blue for sp 2 hybridization A...

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Summary of Hybridization. .. In the following summary, groups are considered to be atoms and/or pairs of electrons and hybrid orbitals are the red lines and wedges . When the octet of an element is exceeded, then hybridization will involve d- orbitals. Unhybridized p-orbitals are shown as probability areas in blue and green for
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Unformatted text preview: sp hybridization and blue for sp 2 hybridization. A single electron as found in a radical would occupy an unhybridized p-orbital. Number of Groups Attached to a Central Atom Description and 3-Dimensional Shape Two Groups. ..sp Three Groups. ..sp 2 Four Groups. ..sp 3 Five Groups. ..sp 3 d Six Groups. ..sp 3 d 2...
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