a31 - central atom has sp 3 d hybridization 5 Finally...

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Let's see how this works by doing some examples. .. 1. First draw the electron-dot formula. 2. Then determine the hybridization needed for the number of groups attached to the central atom. 3. Now draw the 3-dimensional shape corresponding to that hybridization as shown in the above table. 4. Place the non-bonded electron pairs in the most sterically open sites if the
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Unformatted text preview: central atom has sp 3 d hybridization. 5. Finally describe both the electron-pair geometry and the molecular geometry. · CH 3 methyl radical. ..There is a single unpaired electron on the carbon atom. CO 2 carbon dioxide. ..What is the hybridization and geometry for each of the atoms? O 3 ozone. ..What is the hybridization and geometry for each of the atoms?...
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