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a34 - and second letters of the name If these letters are...

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The Periodic Table The modern periodic table is a device scientists use to organize the elements with respect to the atomic numbers of the elements rather than the mass. The atomic number also relates to the orbital arrangement of the electrons of the elements. This arrangement of electrons determines the properties of the elements so that the periodic table can be used to predict the various characteristics of elements. Symbols of elements are used to abbreviate the name. The symbol of an element is usually the first letter or the first
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Unformatted text preview: and second letters of the name. If these letters are used for another element, the second letter of the symbol may be other than the second letter in the name. Some of the symbols do not correspond to the first letters of the element names because the symbols are derived from the Latin or Greek names of the elements. The atomic number for an element is given by the number immediately above the symbol for that element and represents the number of protons in the nucleus as well as the number of electrons if the atom is not an ion....
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