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a38 - Li F lithium fluoride and NH 4 Cl ammonium chloride...

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Naming Ionic Compounds We can learn the nomenclature of common ionic inorganic compounds by memorizing the following tables of common ions. Sometimes clusters of atoms are called groups and we learn a charge for the group as a whole. The order of the letters in a group should be maintained when writing the formula. The elements and groups with positive charges ( cations ) are written and named first as in the case of
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Unformatted text preview: Li F, lithium fluoride and NH 4 Cl, ammonium chloride. Note that some metals have more than one common charge and we use a Roman Numeral to designate which ion is present in the compound such as iron(III). ..read as iron 3. If a metal only has one common charge, the Roman Numeral is not used. The anions that are formed from single atoms are named by dropping the elemental suffix and adding "-ide"....
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